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April 26-28, 2019  

Western Washington University is proud to host the 15th Annual Western Regional Global Health Conference April 26-28, 2018.


This conference is one of the largest student-led global health conferences in the nation. The theme this year is Criminalization of the Body.


The conference will explore current issues related to how policy and policing impact the health of marginalized communities around the world, nationally, and locally. Applying a feminist framework, we will examine systemic racism, power, and privilege as they relate to criminalization based on immutable characteristics such as nationality/ethnicity, race, indigeneity, gender and sexuality. With a particular focus on liberation, emancipatory imaginaries, and health activism-- we will uncover injustice happening globally and what we can all do about it. The key sub-themes are Race/Ethnicity, Immigration, and LGBTQ+ justice.



**Registration is now closed**

On-Site Registration offered 3:00 - 6:00pm, Friday (04/26)

in AW 1st floor lobby.

 B Gallery Art Exhibit

Reception and Refreshments!!

 5:30-7:00pm Wednesday (04/26)



Email us for possible local couch surfing options!

 Our Keynote Speaker - 

 Festus Ibanda Kisa is a sexual and gender minorities activist, and sexual reproductive health and rights advocate in Q-Initiative Eldoret, Kenya. He has been a program coordinator since 2013, with a background of social work, HIV testing and counseling, Human Rights for Sexual Minorities.

Kisa headshot.jpg


Please see the map below. The conference will be held in ACADEMIC WEST (AW) building. We are excited to welcome you to our beautiful city. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.



Transportation Guide

For information on public transportation check out the WTA website

Parking Guide

Parking at Western Washington University is available in the “C” lots (see map below). Parking is free on weekends and weekdays after 4:30pm.

Parking Guide
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